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Video Game Reviews for the People, by the People

Video Game Reviews
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Video Game Reviews: For the People, By the People
This community is for video game reviews and for people who are looking for reviews. Anyone can join and post a review on any game they want, however there are some rules.

1. Reviews should be longer than 150 words. Reviews are to help people decide whether they should by a game or not. It's highly unlikely you'll convince them to buy it by just saying "This game is great!" People are looking for more information than that when deciding what to spend their money on. If you're having trouble figuring out what to talk about, there are some tips below.

2. Punctuation is your friend. Don't be mean and leave him locked in a broom closet when writing a review. Treat him like a good friend and show him and his equally important friends, Grammar and Spelling, with respect. And since LJ has a built in spellchecker, there is no excuse.

3. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Reviews are their creator's intellectual property just like a novel is the author's property or a song is the artist's. This is my first community and so I don't know how to ban someone or if it's even possible, so please don't force me to learn how. Also, there is always the possibility of legal action for the person you took it from.

4. Keep it clean. Profanity and sexual themes should be kept to a minimum. If it's a part of the game, it's fine to comment on, but nothing graphic.


Structure of your review
You can write your review in any way you want, but be sure to follow these guidelines:

-I don't particularly believe in giving a game a score but it can be a helpful tool for a person just browsing through so use the following rating system and put it at the top of your entry.

Highest Recommendation (5/5)
Strong Recommendation (4/5)
Medium Recommendation (3/5)
Weak Recommendation (2/5)
No Recommendation (1/5)
Avoid Like The Bubonic Plague (0/5)

-Below the rating include a brief list or summary of the good and bad aspects of the game.

-LJ cut the rest of the review so the main page is easier to navigate.

-Tag your review with the name of the game and the platform(s) the review pertains to. This is VERY IMPORTANT as it helps people find what they're looking for faster.

If you're unsure about any of these things look at my entries for format help.

Need help?
Here are some things to consider when writing your review if you're not sure where to begin.

Plot- Was it boring? Were the characters interesting? Did it have any good twists? (Don't spoil them, though) Did they make sense within the context of the game?

Gameplay- What kind of game mechanics does the game use and are they used effectively?

Graphics- Does the game look good compared to other games in/on that same genre/platform? Are there any glaring problems like frame rate drops? What about the art style in general?

Sound- How is the voice acting, or lack thereof? Are the lines written well or do they feel stilted or cliche? How about the background music? Does it stand out or did you not even notice it was there? When it's there, does it sound appropriate? How are the sound effects? Do they add something more to the experience or detract from it?

Miscellaneous- Are there any other things worth mentioning about the game? Obnoxiously long loading times? Game manual incomprehensible?

And most importantly: is it fun? How well does the game entertain you? Do you find yourself playing into the wee hours of the morning or putting it on the shelf unfinished to collect dust?