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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Strong Recommendation

The Good:
Keeps the old Banjo-Kazooie charm and humor, new vehicle gameplay fun and entertaining, excellent variety of challenges keeps the game from getting stale, doesn't punish newbs too hard but also gives the hardcore crowd plenty of challenge, great replay value through multiplayer and leaderboards ?, musical score reaches the point of giving out aural orgasms,  Humba is freakin' hot

The Bad:
Blocky character design, text dialogue small and advances by itself making it hard to read, not enough worlds, not much to do in worlds other than complete challenges and search for notes and jinjos


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Final Fantasy Tactics



Final Fantasy Tactics

Highest Recommendation


       The plot for Final Fantasy Tactics takes place in the land of Ivalice. After a long war, the nation is having trouble recovering. To make things worse, the king of the nation dies of illness. His only heirs are too young to take over. This causes the formation of the Black Lions and the White Lions, whose leaders are fighting for a spot on the throne. You will take the role of Ramza, a young man who must prevent the church from using the power of the Zodiac Stones to take over the world.

       The story is very deep, with tons of plot twists and unexpected surprises. Overall, the story is very creative and well thought out. However, if you don't pay close attention, it can be hard to follow.


         The gameplay style for Final Fantasy Tactics is turn-based, strategic battles. You set up an army of about 4-5 people, and move across the landscape of the battlefield, trying to defeat your opponents or complete the objective. Each person/monster has a separate turn; you don't control the whole group at once. On each turn, you can move once, and perform an action (attack with a weapon, perform a spell, use an item, etc.) Outside of battles, the movement is done on the World Map. Here, you move from place to place by simply selecting the area you wish to move to.

      The game also uses a system of jobs, or classes deciding what skills you use in battle. During battles, you will gain experience and points for whatever job you are using during the battle. The points earned are used to unlock new abilities for the job. After gaining certain levels for the jobs of a character, they will be able to use new jobs. The jobs create a wide variety of opportunities in battle, opening new strategies, and allowing for more exciting battles.

     I don't have many complaints about the gameplay. The battles are fun, and require a lot of strategy. Because of this, the gameplay might not be ideal for those who don't like thinking to hard about video games.


The graphics are surprisingly good for a Playstation game. There are many colorful, detailed landscapes. The different skills look incredible. Although they can't compare to any new games, the graphics are pretty good.


The music tracks of different areas fit them perfectly. The tunes are catchy, and great for this kind of game. The sound effects are basically how they should sound, although people's screams can sometimes sound really odd. All of the dialogue is through text bubbles, so there are no character voices to comment on.


    Difficulty- Overall, the game is fairly challenging, especially a few particular battles. My only complaint is after obtaining the character Orlandu, it becomes a lot easier. Of course, he comes late in the game, and no one's forcing you to use him.

   Extra features- Besides the basic plot, the game contains a variety of other features. There is a main side quest in which you can unlock four new characters, including Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.There is also an immense, challenging dungeon, offering great rewards.

    Remake- Recently, a remake for this game was released for the Playstation Portable. There are a few changes, including the addition of a new job and cut scenes. This version is probably a lot easier to find then the original.



The World Ends With You

Highest Recommendation

Battle system is very fun and engaging, Plot is good and the characters are dynamic and likable, Soundtrack is catchy, End game content makes for great replay value

Too many useless items, Pin evolution is mysterious and obtuse, Story doesn't do anything to make the player feel like they have any impact on it

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