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Shadow of the Colossus

Highest Recommendation

The good: Beautiful and breathtaking environments and bosses. Excellent gameplay
The bad: Some bosses are very hard to find.


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Legend of Mana

Medium recommendation

The good: Fun characters, varied combat
The Bad: Quests not very linked to story




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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Strong Recommendation

The Good: Puzzles cater more towards solid design and challenging the player rather than showing off the touch screen, no repeating the same dungeon over and over again, musical instruments are back!

The Bad: The sailing has been replaced with a much more limited but just as annoying rail riding, textbook Zelda plot.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Strong Recommendation

The Good: The graphics were good and I thought that some of the boss fights were so hard they were good. Plus it was also a difficult Game. As you progress farther into the story you learn many things about it. Also the whole story of Riku was an awesome one and it was my favorite of the 2 storylines. I loved both endings and I cried a little with Fake Riku’s death.

The Bad: Okay the Card thing was pretty stupid and well there were too many enemies. As for some of the boss battles were a little too hard as in the final Fake Riku fight with Sora. Another fight I had a tough time at was the Saix battle. It was also too short to be a Square Enix Game.

Mass Effect

Strong Recommendation

The Good- Interesting and detailed plot, intense battles, support characters are well developed, high degree of customization in terms of making your character's choices

The Bad- Plot isn't very emotionally engaging, menus are very restricting, auto-save doesn't as often as it should, "fetchquests" are boring


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Fallout 3

Highest Recomendation.

The good: Immersive, unique quests and people. Scary battle situations.

The Bad: Ammo is sometimes impossible to find, difficulty curve gets screwy sometimes.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Medium Reccomendation

The Good: The graphics were amazing. They weren't kidding when people said that no reactions with the environment are the same. The two final boss fights (Darth Vader and either Darth Sidious to end on the light side or Vader again for the dark side) were the best. The Force powers are better than the other games.

The Bad: Most of the boss fights were unfortunatley easy and always involved some sort of trick to win. There were only nine missions in the PlayStation 3 version, and all of them short. It took me about two hours to beat. It left some things unexplained, like if you go over to the dark side what happens to you later, and other things like that.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Highest recommendation.

Good: The plot is really good, albeit short. It is for PSP, so I guess that's why... The CGI is really amazing. Characters are very in depth. Zack is an outgoing character, with a sad end. Not gonna lie, I cried. Battle system is easy to handle. DMW is an interesting idea, and can really help in boss battles, but has it's setbacks. 300 extra side missions, entertaining and time consuming. Minerva, the optional boss is fun to fight. 10 million HP, max stats, lvl. 100.

Bad: Leveling up is completely random, the DMW is sometimes annoying and doesn't help at all. Battles are too easy.

Assassin's Creed

Medium Recommendation

The Good:
When the plot gets going it's really good, combat is simple yet fun and satisfying, amazing graphics

The Bad:
The story only really takes hold over half-way through the game and then reaches a very unsatisfying conclusion, stealth aspects of the game can be frustrating sometimes, gameplay very formulaic and redundant


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XenoSaga, the series.

Xenosaga (The series in general)


Strong recommendation

 The Good: Excellent story, creative characters, challenging battles, great visuals.

The Bad: Long cut-scenes, not for you if you like jumping in the action quickly, game inconsistency.

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